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New Bowlers


It is our pleasure to welcome you to our club, the Maple Ridge Lawn Bowling Club Association (MRLBCA).  We look forward to having you take part in what we consider to be a fantastic sport, Lawn Bowling.Lawn Bowling is a sport that can be enjoyed by all ages and ability. 


It is a game where the basics can be picked up in a very short time and allow you to play or can be a sport where skill can be built and developed over time to play and compete at many levels.




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Our Club, MRLBCA, offers many opportunities for social play, competitive fun tournaments and competitive tournaments that often brings out our “best and brightest” and those who want to stretch their skills to learn and observe some of the most competitive players in the Club. 


As a member of our Club, you are given the opportunity to learn from our Coaching volunteers and to also come out on your own or with another to practice some of the learned skills.

During the past year, 2022, we developed a Pony Night, based on practice from the North Shore Lawn Bowling Club.  Pony Night encouraged new bowlers to come out for team play.  Each team would be skipped by a seasoned player who would assist in play and offer any support that was requested.


The Pony Nights were very successful as new bowlers reported feeling very supported and were given opportunities to learn and develop new skills.  Because of this success the Club plan is to continue with this practice and Pony Nights are available to those with less than three years’ experience. 

What Do I Do When Playing Different Positions on a Team:

Lead:  As a lead you have the most jobs to do.  You are responsible to:

  1. Set the mat - when you have control of the jack

  2. Confirm the mat is centered by the skip

  3. Deliver the jack to a designated spot determined by the Skip

  4. Set the jack - standing on the centered mat

  5. Look for instruction from your skip before bowling

  6. Bowl the best game you can

  7. Pairs Games:  While in the head remain focused and observant, give your skip information when requested

  • Give your skip information when NOT requested (in pairs both players can if arranged each play the role of skip when the other is bowling

  • In a Pairs Game:  Count the head, signal the count to the skip.

   8. Rake/sweep the bowls and reset for the next end.  


This position is only played in a Fours Game:  Plays second after the lead has delivered all their bowls

Third:  The Third/Vice-Skip will be on the opposite ends of the green from the skips most of the game.  The thirds organize their end of the green on behalf of the skip.

  1. Follow the direction of the Skip

  2. Bowl the best game you can

  3. Manage the head when the skip is bowling

  4. Count the head and relay the score to the skip

  5. Update the scoreboard when the end is lost

Skip:  You are the leader of the team, you have the burden of being responsible for everything, including:

  1. Fill out a scorecard

  2. Connect with your partner(s) - make sure they are ready and have their equipment, ask if they are feeling ok, give them your game plan if you have one, make them feel comfortable bowling with you

  3. Connect with your opponent skip.  Make sure they are ready to play

  4. Assess the green - Look for bad patches and conditions, communicate with your team

  5. Read the green - Pass on what you see to your team, especially when conditions change

  6. Build the head - Give your team instructions on where to bowl when warranted

  7. Keep the flow of the game going

  8. Stay positive, remain upbeat even when faced with disaster, your lead is counting on you

  9. At the end of the game, thank your partner and your opponents for playing

  10. Return a completed scorecard to the convenors

  11. Make sure your green is clear of equipment and debris before leaving it.  

Thank you to the North Vancouver Lawn Bowling Club's Handbook 2021

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