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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your fees?

What attire is required?

What are Lawn Bowls, and how do I get them?

What is the format of the game?

How long does a game last?

How do I learn the basics of how to play?

How do I learn more in-depth?

When can I play?

What are your fees?

A Yearly membership costs $180 for 2024. The preferred payment of fees is by etransfer to - - allowing unlimited access to club facilities, Winter Games, voting rights, and the ability to enter competitions at all levels. 


For new members joining after 31st July of the current year the fee is $90.00.


The fees include the affiliation to the Vancouver & District Lawn Bowling Association, BC Bowls and Bowls Canada Boulingrin. 

We also have a $25 Social Membership, which allows access to winter all activities which currently includes cards and floor curling, but no voting rights, and no access to the bowling green.

Each organized event also costs a nominal fee consisting of $5.00 for single-day competitions. For Women's Morning Aggregate, Men's Morning Aggregate and Social bowling bowling on a Thursday evening those members can purchase light refreshments at $3.00.

What attire is required?

Footwear -  flat soled shoes with no heel (that have not been worn as regular street shoes)

Clothing - For Tournaments, white top and bottoms or white bottoms with coloured club shirt.  For casual play, any attire is acceptable

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What are Lawn Bowls, and how do I get them?

Bowls are manufactured by 3 main companies out of a solid composite substance.  They are almost spherical, with 2 opposite sides slightly flattened and one side more rounded than the other, so it will turn towards that side when rolling. They come in several sizes to fit comfortably in your hand, and several "biases" which determine how much and how quickly they curl.

Initially, bowls will be supplied by the club so that you can determine the size that is most comfortable for you. If you remain with the club longer than a year or attend a lot of out-of-club tournaments, you are encouraged to purchase your own personal bowls.


A new set (of 4) costs between $600.00 and $700.00 and may be completely customized as to design and colour, but often take months to arrive, as they are all created overseas. There are a couple of local companies that have a limited selection in stock, so you can get them faster if you are willing to be flexible on colour and design. If you have limited funds, there are frequently used bowls for sale either within this club or other local clubs by people who have retired from the sport or replaced theirs. These ones will frequently cost less than $100.00


What is the format of the game?

Games are played by two teams of players. Each team will have the same number of players, which will be either 1, 2, 3, or 4.  These games are called respectively: Singles, Pairs, Triples, and Fours.

Players in Singles and Pairs will use 4 bowls. Players in Triples will use 3 bowls, and players in Fours will use 2 bowls. This means the total number of team bowls for Pairs, Triples, and Fours is 8, 9, and 8 respectively. The number of bowls used however could be changed to suit the Conditions of Play for the event.


Games of Pairs, Triples, and Fours will consist of a certain even number of "ends". An "end" consists of all players from each team playing all their assigned bowls in the same direction.

Games of Singles will instead play to a certain number of points (Usually 15 or 21). Once again this could be varied depending on the Conditions of play for the event

​How long does a game last?

The length of a game is determined by the number of ends played (or points in Singles).

A typical casual game of 10-12 ends will take approximately 2 hours. 

Singles games may be shorter or longer depending on the calibre of the players.  Scoring is to a total of typically 15 or 21 points versus a game based on number of ends played.


 How do I learn the basics of how to play?

You can come and watch any time the green is occupied, and there will usually be people watching with you that can explain everything that is going on.

More formally, lessons by our coaching staff are available for a fee of $25 for up to 5 lessons, and this will be applied toward your membership fee should you choose to join. 

How do I learn more in-depth?

Workshops are often available throughout the year organized by our clubs Head Umpire, which includes Rules Clinics, Measuring Clinics and Markers Clinics.


Rulebooks available for purchase through the club.

When can I play?

Effectively any time.  As we have an artificial green rather than the usual grass, it is less affected by weather and seasons, so it can be played on whenever it is not soaked or covered in snow.

​You may practice or play a casual game with other members whenever the green is not in use for an official event.  For a more social experience, you can play in any of our "aggregate" leagues during the bowling season (April to September), which are: Tuesday morning Women, Wednesday morning Men, Thursday evening Social.

As a member, you may also enter any of our club competitions, which are usually held on Saturdays, Sundays, or Holidays. (Typically, no more than one per weekend). On any weekend that we are NOT having a competition, there is drop-in bowling at 1:30pm.

Your membership also allows you to enter inter-club, District competitions which are held at other bowling greens with the Vancouver and District. You will also entitled to enter Provincial events which are held throughout the province. The winners of the Provincial events qualify to play in the Canadian Majors.

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